grainWe supply Grain Sales –  Maize Sales – Animal Feeds – Silage Additives for the Agricultural Sector in Ireland.

Marksville Farms are based in Ardee, Co Louth, we grow, process and trade our own grain, straw and maize which we supply direct to farm.   We aim to provide our customers with the latest technology/advances in grain treatment.

We also supply Yara Fertiliser direct to farm, Yara are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality CCF fertilisers.




We offer a range of rolled cereals and straight energy, protein and fibre feeds (more info)


Fertilizers replace the nutrients that crops remove from the soil. Without the addition of fertilizers, crop yields would be significantly reduced (more info).


The importance of mineral, trace element and vitamin supplementation is often underestimated or even ignored until a deficiency manifests itself.

Silage Additives

Protect and enhance the feeding value of your silage. Reduce feed losses and achieve greater energy (more info).


Yara Feeds Micron Feeds